Princess Panama Canal Cruise


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All aboard the Princess Coral Princess Ship for a trip to the Panama Canal!  What an awesome time we had celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary!  We started in Los Angeles, CA and Ended up in Ft Lauderdale, FL. 15 wonderfully relaxing days of fun!

Here are a few photos of the stops we made along the way (in no particular order).

Vendor shopping in Aruba. Lots of colorful items to match this colorful port!


The streets of Cartagena were also very colorful. We enjoyed the street vendors and I even picked up at hat!  It was sunny and a bit hot.


We toured the Historical Museum of Cartagena. Walked through the city and then were pleasantly surprised to be treated to the Folkloric Show at the historic Heredia Theater.

The Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in Cartegena.

Dome of the Church of San Pedro Claver in Cartegena.

In Puerta Vallarta we took a walking tour of the city and just marveled at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was so beautiful.

We took in a tour of an old tequila factory and had lots fun tasting the different varieties available and while we waited in line for lunch there was guy painting with his finger on tiles. We, of course, had to purchase two and he wrote on them and signed them for us! He was amazingly talented and was selling these tiles to pay for his college.

It’s hard to imagine a little tug boat like this commanding a huge ship like the Coral Princess.

Then finally, the big day! Taking our turn down the Panama Canal. How incredible to watch the precision of the gates, the flowing of the water, and the ships maneuvering through this tight passage. It was very inspiring!

We did the excursion to the Copalita Point Eco-Archaeological Center in Huatulco. Such fascinating history there. They are in the process of uncovering ancient ruins and pyramids and it was so interesting to learn about the process. We walked the entire grounds and then up a hill overlooking the ocean. Just Gorgeous!

I always love the dress up dinner nights on the ship. Gives me a chance to get some nice pics of me and my hubby!

Who can resist milk shakes on a hot day cruising the ocean? Not me!

The beautiful blue sky is every match to the beautiful blue sea!

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