Iphone XS Max Review


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I’ve only had my new Iphone XS Max for one full day now and I can tell you that I already love it!. Despite the little bit of difficulty setting it up (see my you tube video for quick tips here: https://www.comfycozyhome.com/craft-room-in-a-small-space/

Isn’t it pretty! LOL I love the big screen. So much easier to see things and if you set it up, the camera can be used as a magnifying glass!. Sometimes I need that for all the small print haha.

Fits nicely in my hand. I love the fact that I can use the volume buttons to take pics also. Makes it easier for selfies!

Those are my grandkids! Aren’t they adorable? Love them to pieces! So on the screen you tap on it to open it up. Then swipe up to unlock but if you notice, there is a flashlight and the camera available on this screen – very handy and the light is very bright!

Once it opens, it goes to the Face ID screen. If you don’t have that set up or it does not recognize you, then it opens to the password screen.

Then you get to the familiar Widget/App screen.

You can get to the control panel by swiping down in the upper right corner. The flashlight is also here!

You can also swipe down from the middle and you can see the flashlight and camera again as well as your current notifications.

Look how bright it is on the desk!

Important to note, to close your open windows (to save on battery) you swipe up from the bottom and hold down for a sec and the open windows appear. Then you just swipe them up to close them one at a time! Picture is blurred on purpose for privacy!

The 3D touch is interesting. I guess if you want to see things bigger. Just set it up in the settings and then when you press on a pic it will pop up bigger. I pushed on the flowers here and this is what came up. When you let go it goes back to normal.

The camera is Awesome!!! I have only played a little with it but I do love the Portrait setting! Now to take some more great pics. Note that all these photos were taken with my Iphone 6. So you will certainly enjoy my new photos in comparison!

Here is a pic of me in portrait mode. I used a few filters and see how nicely it blurs the background.

There are some new things you do with the Power button on the right side. When it is needed you click or double click or triple click and the phone tells you what to do!

So that is all I have done with it so far. I’m sure there is many, many new features to learn and have fun with. I’m very happy with my purchase! Are you looking into getting a new phone?

Sharing is caring!


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