All the Colors of Fall

All the Colors of Fall
All the Colors of Fall

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This past week I’ve seen all the colors of Fall start to take a hold of the trees. It started when I pulled into my driveway and saw the tops of the trees behind my house start to turn yellow and orange.

To see all the leaves in the driveway gives me mixed feelings. Such a pretty season but with it’s price of cleanup until all the leaves have fallen.

A walk up the drive to the front door and I see my beautiful blue hydrangeas are now a beautiful purple and rust. I also see the holes where the squirrels are burying their nuts and the birds are digging for worms after the light shower we just received.

The color of Fall look a lot like my rusted bird bath.

A look back at the trees that line the road and I see our flag planked by the colors.  So pretty!

Out in the backyard the trees that provide us cool shade in the warmth of the summer are not getting ready for Fall.

Our garden is a ghost town except for the red pepper plant that is now producing more then it did all summer long.

The bare spot that remains in the grass from the pool we had up during the summer is a reminder that chilly weather is on it’s way.

After the week comes to an end you can see it did not take long for the leaves to shed the trees. Time to clean up again!

As I sit with my cup of coffee this morning and review some Facebook posts, I can’t help but add these photos taken by my friend Patty on her recent vacation to Maine. The colors there are gorgeous!

Look at all those rich colors. So beautiful and serene.

What colors are surrounding you now?

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